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9/22/2022 10:04:25 PM

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AI in Breast Imaging - Evidence
Prof Nico Karssemeijer
9/16/2021 3:30:00 AM

An imaging evaluation of the simultaneously integrated boost (SIB) breast radiotherapy technique
Jessica Turley
9/4/2014 2:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Breast Cancer Detection: What do those working in the field of breast cancer imaging think about mammographic image interpretation being augmented or performed by machines?
Adj A/Prof Helen Frazer
10/16/2019 9:30:00 PM

Breast Imaging Reports – Creating the write impression
Felicity Pool
8/30/2012 11:30:00 PM

Comparative evaluation of Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) and Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CEMRI) for local staging of breast cancer: Initial clinical case studies
Donna Taylor
9/5/2014 3:45:00 AM

CT imaging of seatbelt related female breast trauma: a level I trauma centre experience (Paper 87)
Dr Derek Teh
10/26/2018 4:30:00 AM

Detecting and Imaging Breast Cancer with Microwaves
George Warr
10/24/2009 3:50:00 AM

Diagnostic efficacy of synthesised 2D images from digital breast tomosynthesis compared to full field digital mammography in Asian population
Dr Kartini Rahmat
10/21/2017 6:00:00 AM

Digital breast imaging - Dilemmas and opportunities
E. Wylie
10/17/2008 6:00:00 PM

Evaluating treatment response to neoaduvant chemotherapy (NACT) in locally advanced breast cancer using diffusion weighted-MRI (DWI) and intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM)
Dr Kartini Rahmat
10/21/2017 5:50:00 AM

Exploring New Horizons of Female MRI, proudly sponsored by Philips
10/13/2021 8:00:00 AM

Imaging of breast augmentation - the good, the bad and the ugly
Dr Natalie Yang, Staff Consultant Radiologist, Austin Health
3/17/2011 8:00:00 AM

Impact of MRI geometric distortion on tangential IMRT breast plans
Amy Walker
9/4/2014 4:45:00 AM

Indications and Outcomes of MRI Guided Breast Biopsy in a Dedicated Breast-Imaging Clinic
Dr. Fallon Cominos
10/14/2016 10:50:00 PM

MR Breast Imaging Techniques
Chris Kokkinos, Supervisor Technologist MRI, Royal Melbourne Hospital
4/15/2010 10:00:00 AM

Mucinous carcinomas of the breast: imaging features and potential for misdiagnosis
Dr Zhi Yie Tan
9/1/2012 2:00:00 AM

Muscle Flaps for Breast Reconstruction and the Value of CT Angiography
Dr Anna Goodwin-Walters
10/21/2017 12:30:00 AM

Phase contrast tomography for breast cancer imaging: bringing a novel technology to clinical translation
Assoc Prof Sarah Lewis
10/16/2019 9:30:00 PM

Results of breast imaging test set
Prof Patrick Brennan
9/1/2012 4:40:00 PM

Subclinical cardiac dysfunction detected by strain imaging 6 weeks after radiotherapy to the left breast
Vikneswary Batumalai
9/6/2014 3:45:00 AM

The influence of pretreatment 18F-FDG PET/CT in radiation therapy management for patients with locally advanced breast cancer: a prospective comparison with conventional imaging
Sweet Ping Ng
9/4/2014 12:45:00 AM

The Synoptic Breast Imaging Report – Where Has it Been and Where is it Going? An Update on the 2008 NHMRC NICS – RANZCR - NBOCC Fellowship.
Felicity Pool
10/17/2010 12:45:00 AM

The use of GTN in Pre-Operative CT Planning for DIEP Breast Reconstructions
Alyssia Crook
10/21/2017 6:40:00 AM

Ultrasound Guided Vacuum-Assisted Core Breast Biopsy of Benign Fibroadenoma for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management – Initial Experience in Western Australia
Dr Maria Vanessa Atienza-Hipolito
10/21/2017 5:40:00 AM

What can radiologists see? An eye tracking and performance study in priming radiologists to finding breast cancers
Alvin Tan
9/6/2014 11:45:00 PM

Why the Proliferation of Non-Medical Breast Imaging Matters.
Liz Wylie
10/17/2010 6:00:00 AM

Women at high risk for the development of breast cancer (WAHR): Screening with annual breast magnetic resonance imaging (BMRI ) single centre 5 year audit
Dr James Anderson
10/21/2017 5:30:00 AM

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